Devising a Show with Love: Performers Reflect

Our latest play was written and performed by 18 new Shadow Liberation members who are first year students at  Srishti School of Art, Des...

Our latest play was written and performed by 18 new Shadow Liberation members who are first year students at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. The following quotes come directly from the pages of actors journals as they reflected on the process of devising our latest show. These quotes paired with images will give you an inside look into the introspective musings of Shady Lib's finest.

"After so many discussions and brainstorming sessions we realised … why so many gender based crimes are taking place…a need for dominance and powerplay."

"I learnt how easy it is to judge and hold a prejudice and how hollow those grounds are on which we do so."

"What surprised me is that the stage is a weirdly comforting place, for it doesn't judge you. It demands the respect it deserves and it comes back to you when you provide it genuinely."

"Everyone who is a part of Shadow Liberation is like a story with their own plot, their own feeling, their own aim, their own direction, their own pain, their own personality and with their own high. We all are stories within a story called Shadow Liberation."

"Happiness is collective in existence. We all need to work for each other."

"We as a group have got so close to each other in these five weeks that we are able to connect and communicate without any words."

"It’s not without love that you would share some of deepest secrets with someone you’ve known only a few weeks."

"I have faced assaults that I don’t think I can ever overcome but at least I can use the fire I have within for this purpose which is beneficial to all."

"Obviously no one can permanently remove the scars from the victims but love helps them realize that they aren't alone and they still have people who are there for them."

"I question the paradigm of justice we follow today. And, can a person who got raped get justice?"

"Ultimately, all these performances just provoke us/ enlighten us/ shock us/ make us aware of what role we play in our everyday lives."

"Love is the need of the hour and Shady Lib says just that without actually saying it."

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