An image from my Instagram channel labelled "A great idea looms about the NUS auditorium"   What was the most interestin...

An image from my Instagram channel labelled "A great idea looms about the NUS auditorium"

 What was the most interesting thing you learned in the  conference ?
I found most of the talks at the conference enjoyable, and many talks were based around Indian industries and therefore i found it quite digestible  What I appreciated was the scope of topics encompassing the entire conference, and I would furiously take notes or write observations as ideas developed or cleared themselves in my mind. What i found most interesting was the idea that Asia could be considered a whole, despite the many divisions including countries and union territories. To be able to enumerate such a colossal land mass singularly amazed me.

Q. How was it to perform on such a large stage to such a small audience?
Honestly, when i first saw the auditorium, i was enamored thinking about the size of the audience our show would have. I was initially let down when our turn out was only nine people, including the performer who would be performing after us, but I came around to the idea as we performed our show. We had a beautifully intimate one on one with every audience member  and really got to interact not just only as the performer and audience, but as people, and people. Now i consider it a great boon to be able to say I managed to converse with the entirety of my audience, even once in my life.
Q. What did you learn about performing ?
Since this was my first opportunity to be a leading man, i could write bucket loads of what i learned, but i realize the primadonna is prime, as each and every actor onstage helped one another run smoothly with his character, by performing his own role with utmost honesty. I also understood the catharsis a little better, a topic i have always found challenging in the past. However, i think my most important lesson was when one performs as a team, there will be no teammate that wont help you the day you must step out onstage. My teammates helped me with exercises that were just too challenging for me, simply because i asked. 

Q. What's something you did well, and what's something you could use to improve on ?
I would say, i was rather happy with my improvisation spanning over twenty seconds while my teammates assembled the club sequence behind the screen. If i could improve on that, i would make sure my back wasnt turned towards the audience during this.
There were so many things i look back on now and say 'How i wish i had done that better' but through further involvement in theater, i plan to overcome most of these problems. One issue in particular was when I spoke some of my lines ahead of time in the third scene. 

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