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there were alot of this which i found interesting during the conference like when Vasuti was talking about how martial art spreaded and how...

there were alot of this which i found interesting during the conference like when Vasuti was talking about how martial art spreaded and how Tamil cinema has been framing India to be an oriental state.
the movie '7am' SURYA displayed a motif of how one needs to be aware of his biological awareness...etc 

Uma Jairam on IDENTITY AND BORDERS, where she read Kiran desai's - Inheritance of loss.
where the key questions were- . How does one imagine a community?
                                               . for what reason?
                                               . how does it become a part of the nation's narrative?

But the most important keynote that i found was the topic ' MULTILINGUALISM AND LANGUAGE POLICY'
Where the faculty members gave speeches regarding 'Parity'. Ritu Jain talked about the Hindu community in Singapore and how they are not really recognized like the Tamils, When most of the Indian people there speak Fiji Hindi.

Jogi Yuhan talked about Korean student who feel that Studying abroad is the only way of not being insecure,
 she talked about how in Singapore the parents of these children are not happy as the people in Singapore use Singlish( Standard Singapore English) rather than English. Since their pronunciation is poor they feel that if English is not being taught by an American then it becomes 'Cheap English'. 

The next speaker who's name i forgot spoke for and about the Malay people in Singapore. She statedthat each mother tongue is positioned as the corresponding ethnic group's culture. She talked about cod switching ,and even shared with us how Malay people are now finding it offensive that their culture is starting to drift away from them. Quotation from a member of the Parliment , Mr. Hawazi Daipi :" pengaruh K-POP boleh gugat jati diri belia melayu"  which means that there is an erosion starting in the Malay culture due to the ill effects of the K-POP industry.
  Even though it was a small audience the feeling of performing remained the same, i was glad in fact that that there were not too many people as we had changed the whole scene , but performing forum art for the first time that too in such an auditorium felt amazing.
There are alot of things that i learnt from the performance:
- the whole gender issue became more important case to look at when we actually performed it in Singapore
- the way that the audience reacted and retaliated the situation was very interesting 
- i got to know that there are so many people who are un aware of the depth of the situations in India 
- forum theater can really, actually help people realize what's missing.

I felt that the role of the antagonist showed me the situation better than the role of the protagonist as I bacame the blamer rather than the victim. which is the opposite in real life. Therefore i could feel the anger more.
I feel that i did well considering the fact that i had not performed before . And also during the last part where i was talking with one of the audience (the role switching part)
But, there were a few things in which i screwed up , like I was so nervous that i forgot one scene and then appeared on the shadow screen because one of the participant entered from the wrong side and i panicked.
 But overall i would really like to say that we all did act as a team and got things in place which causing much chaos.

YES and on the T-shirt competition, i really liked it.

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