violence against women in india

since the protest i have been thinking a lot about this major issue. i am wondering what you think: What are the roots of the issue? Wha...

since the protest i have been thinking a lot about this major issue.
i am wondering what you think:
What are the roots of the issue?
What masterplan do you have?
Which ressources are needed?
What can we do? What can you do and what can I do?

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  1. My answer at the moment is this:
    Its not a problem of certain individuals, its not a sickness, but its a social issue. everybody is part of it.
    My dream master plan would be that the government spends a looooot of money on high quality sexual education at school. And then in some ways men must be supported in fining their true manhood and women in finding their genuine femininity.

  2. What WE can do is to point with our collective finger in the wound. this is necessary, since street harrassment and raping is not even considered as a crime or a cruelty and the discourse has a similar tone like the one about kids stealing candy at the stationary stores.
    What I can do? Get together with women, share opinions, enjoy, take care of our bodies.

  3. The government first needs to spend a lot of money in making sure everyone receives basic school education. There are a lot of other things that the government needs to spend on in general. I don't think sex education will ever make it to the list of priorities and hypothetically, even if there was enough money to spend on sex education I don't think the money will never see the light of day...thanks to our corrupt politicians. Its going to be a heck of a long time (maybe never) before they get to spending on sex education.

    But what we can do, as people who have been privileged enough to be able to afford quality education is to take initiative rather than waiting to for the government to spend money. All we need to the government to do is to implement the changes that we are asking them to make. Passing laws, taking complaints more seriously,punishing the accused and offering them counselling,etc. The police, the politicians and whoever else in the government who might have a role to play in this...ALL need to be more proactive,dedicated towards their job.Be committed to their profession and give corruption a rest.

    This isn't an isolated problem. There are many little problems under this problem. Like corruption, weird laws, long painful legal procedures, poor and corrupt judicial system, single story problem(quote: Chimamanda Adichie) where people come to assume certain things, I could go on and on.

    What is funny is that, in this country we grow up listening to stories of the Ramayana, Mahabharata,etc which supposedly teaches us moral values and dharma. No one seems to practicing any of that...however if Nina paley makes a movie on the Ramayana people get offended...get together a huge ass mob before you can say "Jack Robinson".

    In my opinion...we are failing because we aren't united.
    People just need to show up when someone else is taking initiative and those taking the initiative need to be very clear about what they are hoping to achieve.It is also important to be organized as a leader. It was a huge let down that the protest that we went to wasn't organized and I believe that when they have gone as far as getting people together to protest they also owe it to you to do good enough job to motivate you to come again and be part of their next protest should there be one.

    If i were to think of a dream plan it would probably be
    a civil disobedience movement...Gandhi style!