sita's abduction as on 2012

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  2. its really nice how you guys have made sitas character the who is independent and strong enough to protect and fight for herself.

    But are women so strong or physically em-powered that they can fight against strong men like Ravan and protect themselves?
    This question always strikes me because when i come across an incident of eve teasing and think of repelling back I know for a fact that I am not strong enough to fight back and I can just end up getting myself into trouble.

    even after a long discussion about the same in the class I think that the question still remains unanswered about what can women do to protect themselves? and when will men the outlook of men change?

  3. For us as female individuals who walk on the street we can do a lot before getting into difficult situations. There are situations when I feel unsecured of myself, confused and weak and then I know that my appearance looks the way I feel so I will be more careful. In other moments I feel more grounded and I know I can take more risks.

  4. There are millions of ways how to deal with street harassment. For me the most important thing is to break the dynamic of the situation. For example when I hitch hike in Europe I would ask the man about his children and his wife and god (just about the most unsexy subjects!).
    Think about what would bring a potential rapist completely out of his role..

  5. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable in engaging in a conversation with someone who is trying to harass me and sometimes I think people might find it encouraging as well.

    However, I do agree that body language and posture is something that people read into. If you have you back up straight, head high and walk with confidence, (even if you secretly filled with fear inside) you'd look like the girl who'd put up a fight which means more effort on their part :D

    Knowing that a man is a lot stronger than I am physically, I think one way to deal with this problem so that men think twice before sexually harassing is if at least all the women could have each others back. Maybe one girl can't fight back a man...but a huge group of women along with men who also believe that women don't deserve to be treated that way can make a huge difference.

    It's like the exercise we did in class where Evan called out the number and we fell backwards trusting that the group would notice and catch you before you fall.

    We don't trust society enough to have our back and that's is why we hesitate to take the first step.