DOUBTS AND CERTAINTIES 10....

                                                    DOUBTS AND CERTAINTIES

10. Every group before starting the forum will have a sense of resistance, to overcome this feeling of resistance and not belonging we need to make everyone feel like they are in it together. This is where the 'warming-up' is required. 'Warming-up' is an exercise which is conducted not just to warm up, but at the same time to make the group of spect-actors to feel like they belong to one group, and hence it will create a sense of togetherness.

The integral thing that we should keep in mind is that the exercise should be one that evokes 'least-resistance' in the sense most people should agree to participate. Hence, we should always keep in mind the culture of the place where we are conducting the exercise, the exercise should not include something that is culturally discomforting for the spectators. Before reaching the point where you discuss the subject matter with the audience, you should slowly break the ice with the spectators with these exercise.
Though all this highly depends on the situation at hand. Sometimes a performance works with just a small brief, because it is evocative in itself and is  enough to envelope the audience. Even though I do think that it is a better idea to have a 'warming-up' session before starting on the subject matter because in the end it is always better to have less resistance amongst the group.

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