Chitrapata Ramayana- A shadow retelling

Chitrapata Ramayana In the great Battle of Lanka, Soorpanakha had seen the killing of her brothers and nephews and shed many a tear i...

Chitrapata Ramayana

In the great Battle of Lanka, Soorpanakha had seen the killing of her brothers and nephews and shed many a tear in vain but the scheming demon princess sought revenge. She disguised herself as Sita's childhood friend and entered her chamber.

Soorphanakha: "Sita, how long it has been! Here are some flowers from the tree we sat under, on which the birds still sing cheerfully" said Soorpanakha.

Sita: "It is so wonderful to hear your stories, I am myself a caged bird within the palace. My husband suspects betrayal in every move of mine, despite my trial by fire".

Soorphanakha: "It appears that Raavan's ghost haunts your husband day and night. What a powerful man the King of Lanka must be. If I were you, I'd give myself up to the affection of this man. Why don't you draw a portrait ofhim?"

Sita: "What? No, even in imagination I cannot invoke the spirit of he who brought us so much sorrow!"

Soorpanakha insisted so much that Sita hesitatingly Sita draws the portrait of Ravana, everything but the eyes, The cunning Soorpanakha feigns hunger and sends Sita away and meanwhile draws the eyes on the portrait, thus, bringing Ravana back to life. Sita is petrified upon seeing Ravana in her chamber. He insists that being a part of her imagination, he belonged to her and she to him. Sita refuses to accept this.

Sita: "In your next life, be born to me in my womb, as my son and that is the only way in which I can love you."

Sita hears a stir in the palace.

Sita: "Quick! Hide under the bed! I beg of you!"

Rama enters the chamber and senses that someone was there before him. Sita tells him that it was only her childhood friend and is careful not to let Rama sit on the bed. However, Rama pays no heed to her words and as the bed collapses under his weight, he encounters Ravana. Rama is enraged! He ignores and mocks Sita's maternal feelings towards Ravana and prepares to slay him. Sita, to whom the bond of a son and his mother were greater than Rama's vengeance and wrath, tears the portrait of Ravana, thus destroying what she had given birth to.

The episode weighs heavily upon Rama, he is enormously disappointed and upset with Sita despite her pleas. He banishes the queen from his land, unaware that she was bearing his sons and the future princes of Ayodhya - Luv and Kush.

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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL, guys! The story has been told extremely gracefully and the shadows are brilliant! Love the part where there's blue water in the background. And the music just added an extra charm to the whole video. Its lovely!!!

  2. wow, a great story telling. you found a really interesting way to manage the layers of time and space for example the zoom in and out on ravana's picture was clever.