The Process

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  1. Everyone is an artist....thinking the world as a canvass, painting every moment of life.
    Sometimes very colorful , sometimes dull We see every dimension, every angle, we give perspective to life,
    But one makes a difference...each line is .... The process

    Sometimes life takes a turn we learn
    Every twist, every turn is unknown..

    Everything happens for a reason

    It's difficult to be, what you are not
    You have to put on masks
    You have to cover your face
    And deal with the other unknown faces

    What makes you see the things differently is where you look and how you look

    We think that life on other side is better and some times we tend to follow what we think is better for us ..... We pretend to be different which we are not .....because we are already different
    We exist only as ourselves
    We remember every twist and turn, which puts us back on our path
    sometimes we try to find our own way

    I guess that's everyone's story.....cause it's mine too.
    Life is an endless process

  2. Thanks to all shady lib ppl" u guys
    And very special thanks to Evan Hastings