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I was reading 'Inheritance' when I came across this part where Elain and Horst are to have a baby. And if you don't know the sto...

I was reading 'Inheritance' when I came across this part where Elain and Horst are to have a baby. And if you don't know the story it doesn't matter... But the fact is, they were in the midst of a terrible war. And I was just wondering, what would go through the minds of the parents, would they want a boy or a girl?

I've been trying to weigh it out and don't think I can answer nor do I think even a mother in such a position would be able to answer.

A boy would be expected to grow up and go to war perhaps or be involved as such, but then a girl could be kept close to the mother as well, but these are just the first few things to be considered. But then again, chances are the war may be done with before the baby grows up, so would it go back to stereotypical wants or not?

I do realise that what I read is but a story, but the thought just kept striking me several times. So many factors flood in once you start listing them out, so I thought I'd ask everyone to share any thoughts they have on this.

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  1. Even in the inheritance series except for the humans all the people have women warriors. And a war is not always even a lifetime long. But more importantly I think wanting a boy or girl is a natural and also very personal feeling. Rarely practical, people come up with reasons like I want a boy because we were all brothers growing up, and it was so much fun. Otherwise they want a boy or girl to carry down lineages or else in some cases like the and north Africa because families with girls are always showered with gifts and stuff in the hope that they might marry the daughter to their son.

  2. Actually, Nasuada is the leader of the Varden who are humans and even Birgit fights in the war. There don't seem to be any more specific references but I think we can safely assume that even the humans did have women warriors...
    But that makes me wonder how Christopher Paolini decided whether in his book there would be women warriors or not. The story would completely shift to a whole different dimension if he had chosen not to have them participate.

  3. I agree with Red Salt it completely depends on person to person as some think that daughters are lucky for them as she brings lot of wealth to the family and she is a form of goddess "Laxmi"known for wealth and prosperity or some think they want a boy who will look after us and our ancestral property and business.in the sense like daughter's can do all these things but because after marriage daughter goes to someone else's house they prefer boys.

  4. Hmm, okay but let me put in a new dimension I saw in the book. They seemed to not have Gods at all. Then? Would gender really matter to the parents when the war seems endless and all they hope for is the thread of a chance of victory overthrowing the evil king?

  5. If you said yourself then that all of the warriors were of both genders, then I guess the gender issue doesn't even fit into the war scenario I think. Also if the war is so long and bleak, people tend to get numbed by it and it doesn't bother them as much even if it affects them a lot. For example during the colonial period, every aspect of people's lives were touched by the British; but most stories and songs of the time are still those of people, adventure, nature, culture and love

  6. Eowyn who slew the Witch-King of Angmar (a Nazgul)in the Lord of the Rings - a great woman warrior.